Install a Minecraft server on Debian 11

Today we will see how to install a Minecraft server on Debian 11. This installation is relatively simple and fast. To avoid any slowdown in the game, install it on a powerful machine. Take a look at the recommended configurations for your desired version before deploying your server.

First deploy your Debian system.

Then update your distribution with the commands :

apt update

apt upgrade

We are now going to deploy Java on the server, Java being a prerequisite for Minecraft. First of all we will search for the most updated version of the jdk with the command :

apt search jdk

Among the list look for the most recent stable version. Here open-jdk-17 :

apt install open-jdk-17-jdk

To check the good progress of the installation, you can execute the command :

java -version

To check the good progress of the installation, you can execute the command :

/sbin/adduser minecraft 

Then type the password.

Add your user to the sudoers group with the usermod command :

/sbin/usermod -aG sudo minecraft

Now we can deploy Minecraft on the server.

Create a new Minecraft folder with the command mkdir :

mkdir minecraft

Then open your new folder :

cd minecraft

We will now download Minecraft. To know the last version. Go to the page :

Modify the following command according to the version to download. Here it is 1.17.1 :


We are now going to create a script to start the server :

sudo nano

Here is the content to place in the startup script :

java -Xms1024M -Xmx2560M -jar server.jar nogui

Depending on the resources of your machine, you can change the Xmx value.

Then we make the script executable :

sudo chmod +x

You can now start the server with the command :


At the first launch, you must accept the « eula » contract.

Edit the file eula.txt :

sudo nano eula.txt

Change the value « false » to « true


Now restart your server with the script :


To stop the server, simply type « stop » :


If you are using a firewall on your machine like ufw, open the Minecraft port (by default 25565) :

sudo ufw allow 25565

You can now launch the game and connect to your server via the multiplayer mode :

Enter the server settings (IP address and port, the default port is 25565) :

You should then join the server. To access it from the internet, configure the port forwarding on your internet router.

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