décembre 2022

Installing GrapheneOS via the Webinstaller on a Google Pixel

GrapheneOS is considered a very secure operating system. It is the OS of choice for people whose data must be protected at all costs. Like journalists, whistleblowers, …. It comes without any third-party applications or services, only free and open source software. It is not recommended to use it as an everyday phone. Third party applications can indeed retrieve data without your knowledge despite your vigilance.

Debian: Installation without Graphical User Interface (GUI)

This tutorial presents the way to install Debian from the command line. This tutorial allows to understand the installation process of Debian (here the 10.6 version but there is little change between versions) in command line in order to realize various projects. This is the form in which we will deploy most of our servers in other tutorials. This allows us to have a minimalist version without unnecessary add-ons that could reduce the security of our installation.